Legal Issues in the Cloud

Jun 28, 2019 | Cybersecurity, Data Privacy

Even though it’s been over ten years since I sat down to write “Exploring Legal Issues at High Altitudes: The Law in the Cloud”, legal issues in cloud computing remain a popular topic of discussion. The legal issues haven’t changed much since my article was published in 2011, but because cloud services are effortless to use, many have migrated to the cloud without understanding the risks, let alone how to reduce the risks.

Things to consider when looking for a secure cloud service provider: encryption and keys to which the provider is blind. The location of the servers may also be important depending on your business and the data you store in the cloud. Unfortunately, many cloud service providers available today do not offer these features.

Deciding which cloud to use is an important decision that requires adequate due diligence. The wrong choice could leave you open to legal liability.

For those that feel lost or confused about cloud services, consider consulting with a cybersecurity or data privacy professional.