Changes to Texas Data Breach Notification Law

Jun 24, 2019 | Cyber Law

Changes to Texas data breach notification law (Section 521.053 of the Business & Commerce Code) go into effect on September 1, 2019. The changes specify when and how businesses must report a breach. For example, until this coming September, Texas law has required businesses disclose a breach “as quickly as possible.” On September 1st, the timeframe becomes more specific: businesses will need to disclose a data breach within 60 days of determining a breach occurred.

Other changes to the law include a requirement for businesses to notify the attorney general of breaches involving at least 250 Texas residents.

Companies conducting business in Texas will likely want to consult a data privacy attorney to determine how the business is impacted by these changes, and to incorporate the new requirements into their incident response plans.

Lisa M. Angelo

I’m an attorney passionate about helping businesses use technology responsibly. For many years I listened to people describe a disconnect between lawyers and technology. My goal has been to bridge the gap. Please enjoy this blog about cyber law; where technology and the law intersect.