A Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity

Sep 7, 2018 | Cybersecurity

I’ve been throwing around the word “holistic” a lot lately. By lately, I mean the last 3 to 5 years. My obsession with the word began when I began searching for a solution to what I describe as “digestion issues”. Doctors tried to prescribe xan…tax…ex…but I wanted a better answer. I was drawn to the concept of “a holistic approach to health”. Focusing not only on diet, but the food – am I eating seasonal foods? Am I balancing spicy foods with cooling food? Am I getting enough rest and variety of exercise? For the first time I realized it is not about eating the same chicken salad and performing the same cardio routine every day, but about mixing it up; finding balance.

I continue to talk about the holistic approach to health, but now, I am applying the word “holistic” to my work by referring to a holistic approach to cyber liability.

Have I gone holistically crazy?

Unless it is contagious, I seem to be on the same path as other industry leaders. Many of the articles I am reading on data privacy and cybersecurity refer to a holistic approach. Looking at a company’s infrastructure from all angles, collaborating across departments, considering the big-picture and implementing processes throughout a lifecycle of data, evaluating exposure from inside-out, considering the before, during, & after, and in between – this is holistic.

It seems that many people, myself included, are preaching a holistic approach to life whether it be health in the real world or in the cyber world. When has a holistic ever been a bad idea? When did we get away from balance and start binging on grilled chicken?

Your health and your network respond well to the holistic approach. Think of the vulnerabilities or problems from every angle and plug in solutions. Part of the holistic approach is accepting that it is a work in progress. You can’t achieve perfection, but rather strive for healthy.

By now you’ve seen references to “cyber hygiene” or “cyber health”. This means companies need to think of cyber liability from all angles and incorporate routine check-ups. Understand that managing cyber liability is part of day-to-day business.