5 Things Businesses Are Getting Wrong About Privacy

May 29, 2019 | Cyber Law, Data Privacy

  1. “We can address privacy later.” This approach can cost you more money than it will save you for several reasons. One big reason not put off privacy until later are that the FTC is cracking down on businesses as small as solo operations for inadequate data privacy practices.
  2. “We don’t need a lawyer to handle privacy.” I see this time and time again – companies try to rely on a nonlawyer to help them with compliance. Guys, we cannot ignore the “law” part of privacy. The laws set the minimum requirements. Why wouldn’t you want a lawyer to interpret the laws for you? Any idea how those standards measure up in court? I privacy lawyer is absolutely necessary to have on the team.
  3. “We’ll do a quick privacy project.” This is a long-term relationship. Buckle in.
  4. “We are too small to worry about data privacy.” Wrong; see number 1.