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In today’s technological world, cybersecurity and data privacy are paramount to doing business.

Your company is committed to doing the right thing when it comes to using and protecting personal information; however, navigating the ever-changing data privacy and cyber law landscape is like sailing through uncharted waters. The risks of noncompliance with cyber liability and privacy laws are serious, but can be avoidable with the support of experienced professionals.

This is where we come in; Angelo Law Firm is a one-of-a-kind law firm that helps companies bridge the gap between technology, data, and the law. Our mission is to provide expert legal counsel, advocacy, and education on global data protection laws and other technology-related legal matters to enable companies to manage cyber liability and comply with data privacy laws so that they can focus on doing business. 

Cyber Liability

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Data Privacy

Meet regulatory requirements for handling regulated, sensitive, and confidential data

Technology Contracts

Bespoke legal contracts that reduce risk & facilitate strong business relationships

Cyber Insurance

Make sure your policy is protecting your business against cyber incidents


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Meet the Attorney

Lisa M. Angelo is the owner and founder of Angelo Law Firm. She is one of the first attorneys in the state of Texas to become a Board Certified Privacy Law Specialist through the International Association of Privacy Law Professionals. Her experience and expertise in the realm of cyber liability make her uniquely qualified to advise global companies on data privacy regulation, cyber insurance, and technology-related contracts.

Lisa offers a hands-on, collaborative approach to helping businesses navigate the nuances of cyber liability. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Lisa embraces the complexities of building a bridge between technology and the law. Since 2014, Lisa has served as a trusted cyber liability attorney and advisor to over 30 companies and organizations.

“Her work in the area of cyber insurance is leading edge.

I’ve known Lisa for several years. She is the rare lawyer who understands technology. She is resourceful, creative, and intellectually curious, very important when working at the intersection of technology and the law.”

David S. Merritt

Vice-President at Applied Cognitive Solutions

“I strongly recommend her as a trusted advisor and attorney.

Lisa is a very knowledgeable and well versed professional who should be at the front of your rolodex. Her work ethic is relentless and she is sure to solve your issue.”

Randall M. Rojas

Sr. Vice President at Hancock and Whitney Bank

Latest News & Updates

International Standard for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

International Standard for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Companies using or developing AI should know that, on May 21, 2019, the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) Council adopted The Recommendation on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Recommendation on AI is an intergovernmental standard aiming...

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